live with no regrets

  • Holistic Life Coach

    Living a life with no regrets begins with simple tools and straightforward techniques. I have been coaching the people in my life in the use of these tools for over 20 years, and I have seen the wonderful results. I can show them to you, too.

    One On One Coaching

    Working over the phone, on Skype, or in person in one-on-one sessions, I will introduce you to the basic techniques of a centered, happy life. These are fundamental building blocks which we all should have learned long ago, but which are missing from so many of our lives today.

    Holistic life coaching includes:

    • A scan of your numerology, the positives and negatives in your life, your physical health, and how you presently see yourself – an overview of the whole person

    • The power of healthy, life-force food, energy drinks, and water - you are 70% water

    • Creating positive energy and blood flow in the morning, because without abundant energy you cannot have abundant life

    • Tools for setting goals, and the importance of creating one, three, and five year plans

    • Instruction on self-care, and the importance of taking time for yourself

    • Emotional Freedom Technique as a tool for discovering your creativity, confidence, and moving you beyond your obstacles

    • Other tools and techniques as needed to help create a life with no regrets.

    You will learn about these techniques. Together we will apply them to your life so you see them at work and experience the benefits. You will see and feel the changes. That is holistic life coaching.

    My Experience

    I learned many of these life tools by surviving a difficult childhood. I applied them first to myself, then to the staff in my dental surgery practice, and in personal sessions with over a hundred people since then. I have taken Level 3 EFT courses with EFT Master Carol Look, and am certified by the Certified Coaches Federation as a Certified Coach Practitioner.

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