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  • Emotional Freedom Technique

    EFT, also called 'tapping', is a simple but powerful way to move beyond the negative emotional charges and limiting beliefs that hold us back from the life we are meant to live. It involves tapping with your fingertips on certain points on your face and body while saying an affirming statement, either out loud or to yourself.

    The tapping energizes and stimulates your meridian system, setting the affirming statement deeply into your being and detaching you from your limiting beliefs. EFT reduces the negative effects of stress on your system and your emotions, allowing you to get on with what is important. EFT really is a quick and painless way to move from weakness to strength, illness to health, defeat to triumph, fear to confidence.

    EFT Works

    Once my husband and I had established ourselves in our life, I was at loose ends. I didn't know what to do next. A friend had just learned this new technique for moving beyond her obstacles and needed someone to practice on, so I volunteered. I learned the principles of EFT from her, and began using it to find focus for my life.

    I found concrete art as a focus for my creativity. But concrete is a demanding, technical, and exacting medium, and I quickly discovered that the culture of concrete artists was dominated by men. EFT helped me find the courage and confidence I didn't know I had in me to learn this new discipline and prosper in a macho world. Without the power of Emotional Freedom Technique I would not be the award-winning artist I am today.

    EFT For You

    I have completed all 3 levels of EFT training, and I make sure that Emotional Freedom Technique is a part of every weekend retreat and life coaching that I give. EFT will help you to make the most out of all the techniques you learn, and move beyond the emotional obstacles and limiting beliefs inherited from your earlier life that no longer serve you.